I.  External Anatomy

A.  Scales-overlap, pointing toward tail    
B.  Fins- except Adipose, all fins are a tough membrane supported by bony fin rays. 
         1.  Caudal or Tail - propels fish forward
         2.  Anal - used in spawning, detects gravel size
         3.  Adipose(Soft Dorsal) - Small and fleshy, function unknown (Removed to indicate hatchery-raised fish)
         4.  Dorsal - Stay upright, maintains course--braking and balancing.
         5.  Pelvic & Pectora l - Important for maneuvering, Braking and balancing.    
C.  Eyes - Excellent eyesight, very sensitive to light, can see equally well above and under water.    
D.  Nostrils - Sharp sense of smell
E.  Lateral Line - Sensory canal that picks up low frequency vibrations in the water.    
F.  Operculum - Bony covering to protect gills.


Internal Anatomy




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