Chapter 4:  Genetics

Test on  Wednesday, 10/30/13

  • Worksheets:
    o Reinforcement Lesson 4.1
    o  Simple Genetics Practic Problems
    o Practice with Crosses
    o Oompa Loompa Genetics
    o Blood Type Problems
    o A Quick Switch?
    o X-Linked Genesl
    o Sex-Linked Traits
    o Chapter Review

Online Study Guide

Online Activities:

  • Mouse Genetics Gizmo (One Trait)
  • Mouse Genetics Gizmo (Two Trait)
  • Chicken Genetics (Co-Dominance)

Great Online resources for the chapter
Genetics PowerPoint

Tour of the basics of Genetics

Notes/Tutorial on Mendel and Genetic Laws

Baby steps through the Punnett Square

Punnett Square practice

Incomplete Dominance and Codominance explained

2-Factor Crosses