WebQuest – Metric System


Your assignment is to explore various websites that have information regarding the metric system. While you are reviewing the sites, you will take notes using Cornell Notes. When you have finished your review, complete the metric conversion worksheet.




1.     Go to at least 4 of the web sites linked below. It will be easiest if you open each in a new window. Be sure to visit them in the order listed.

2.     Using Cornell Notes notepaper, take notes on each of the sites.

3.     Enjoy the “play activities” on the Metric Prefix site. You do not need to turn this in.

4.     Using the skills you have just learned, complete the metric conversion worksheet.




Your grade will be based on your use of the Cornell Notes strategy for note taking and completion of the Metric Conversion Worksheet.
These will be due Next Monday.


Web Sites


All you will need to know about metric for everyday life


Metric System and Unit Conversion


The Metric Staircase


Metric America


Metric Prefixes


Metric Fast Facts for Sports