Acidic Rainfall and Fun






This website was created by Mr. Wright’s graduating class of 2014, and its purpose is to inform the public of the effects of acid rain. On this website you will be informed on the many different effects of acid rain from many different stand points. Such as the chemist, biologist, economist, etc. We hope you enjoy the site and learn something from it. ENJOY!qqxsgSinging_acidrain (1)

Acid rain is a type of rainfall/deposition that has a pH lower than 5.6. A pH scale is a scale that measures acidity and alkalinity in liquids. The lower the number on a pH scale (out of a possible 14) the more acidic it will be. When acid rain falls it could hurt you, not badly but it would sting because it is an acid. Acid rain is caused by pollutants that come from cars, factories, and other pollutants. In this report you will see the effects of acid rain from many different stand points, such as the chemist, biologist, economist, health scientist, and some solutions will be offered to help get rid of acidic rain.


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