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“Do not weep, forest, the desert will not last forever”


This slogan, and many others, were written in Germany’s famous Black Forest when the trees mysteriously began to die in the 1960s.  A popular tourist destination, people would come from far away to enjoy a relaxing vacation in the Black Forest.  They could observe the magnificent beauty of the forest, and explore the German heritage in the area, including cuckoo clocks and delicious Black Forest cherry cake.  However, when people noticed that the trees were dying, the number of visitors began to decline.

 Scientists later began to realize that the cause of the dying trees was something called acid rain.  However, it was not only the trees that were being affected.  Acid rain quickens erosion, leaches nutrients from soil, makes our cars look bad, and can cause many health problems.  This website explores some of the harmful effects of acid precipitation and ways that we can solve them.


Created by Juliana Brockman, Lilly Pierce, Colton Dessert, and Nathan Lamantia

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