Black Forest, Germany is a beautiful area full of forests, rivers, and mountain ranges.  Black Forest, also known as Schwarald, is near the Baden-Wurttemberg mountain range and is surrounded by dense woodlands and vast valleys.  People from many different countries go to Black Forest not only to see the amazing forests, but also to do fun, outdoor activities. Hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, skiing, snowboarding, high altitude lake diving, and other water sports are among the many activities Black Forest has in store for tourists.    The remarkable sights you can see in Black Forest are incredible, but have recently been threatened by acid rain.  Acid rain could destroy all of the beautiful forests and wipeout all wildlife in the area. Not only can the environment be destroyed, but the tourism in the area could fall apart as well.  The beauty that Black Forest holds is slowly fading away and we need to prevent the damage that acid rain causes.

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