Excel Example Data Table

Lab Write-up Template

Class Resources

The links below are Office templates or examples on how to do various written/multimedia tasks in the class.  Click on a line below and you can open a file in one of the Microsoft Office 97 or better applications.

How to Write a Lab Report
and Grading Rubric

Oral Presentation Rubric

7 Crazy Taxes from the US and Abroad

Metric Conversions

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government

Lawyers, Attorneys and More:A Kid's Guide to U.S Government

Molecular Expressions

These are a variety of useful links for both grades.  We will use them regularly, but are also great resources for home.

The Biology Corner

Chem4Kids Index

HTML Web Design Resources:

HTML Tutor

Color Picker

Color Page



Mitosis Quiz

Links for Intestinal Flora Research:

Old 7th Grade Glencoe Science Text (By Chapter):


ExploreLearning Class Codes: